New Year New You... Me To!

Krystal Robinson

Hey Taste & See Friends! 

Here is another one from yours truly, owner of Taste & See, Krystal Chanel!

I'd like to welcome you into the calendar year of 2024! It feels very refreshing! A good friend of mines took these words out my heart... she said this year is going to be amazing! Not without its challenges but freaking amazing regardless!! (Hey Dell) Thats how Ive been feeling! There will be challenges but get excited!!!!! 

My path to healthy, thus far has included drinking lots of water, getting my steps in; until I can coordinate my schedule to step into the gym! And reminding myself to be ok with the pivots! In the first 72 hours Taste&See had to make a very big pivot.... but I recognize it was the "healthy thing" to do! 

Be ok with life's pivots, it will lead to a healthier YOU! Until next time!