What is Taste and See Fruit And Veggie Bar? 

Taste and See is an urban oasis for healthy, blended, fresh fruit- and veggie-based beverages and simple foods. The vision is to take foods made from the earth for our bodies and transform it from being “just” a fruit or veggie into a  body-fueling, tastebud-dancing delight!

Is Taste And See for vegans and vegetarians only? 

Taste and See isn't about being a vegan (person who consumes exclusively plant-based products, nothing animal-based) or vegetarian (person who does not consume meat). It's about providing fresh and nutritious foods that fuel the body. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or neither, all will be able to Taste and See!

Will I be able to order online? 

Yes! Taste & See is looking to add online ordering functionality in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Who is the founder of Taste And See Fruit & Veggie Bar? 

Founder of Taste & See Fruit & Veggie Bar is Krystal Robinson, a native of Pittsburgh who has resided in Erie since 2010. Krystal graduated from Clarion University in 2009 and spent 9 years at Erie Insurance. While she would not consider herself to be a health guru, she is full of passion and cares to help bring health and wholeness to individuals and communities. Other than being full of creative ideas, Krystal is a single mom to a 13-year-old daughter aka her super-chill sidekick! Krystal enjoys the pursuit of purpose and looks forward to helping to make Erie a healthier place!